Wednesday, June 04, 2008

See My Sister In A Couple of Days

Simone will see her little Mei Mei in six days and we will have our little girl in our arms!!

This morning I started out with some very good conversation with two of my friends from work, Sharri and Jessica C. It was what I needed, friends to just listen and share some stories of their own with me.

As I started my day I was thinking well, no call around 9am so it may not happen today...maybe the will wait another week to open back up the adoptions???

Today at 11:05 I got a call at school. I just started my first grade class when I heard the phone ring in my office. I also had a close family friends child, Reagan, as my student in that class so it was very special. I asked my class to sit down while I ran as fast as I could to the phone. (I was thinking to my self, maybe this is it???)

It was......We got approval today from the CCAA to go to China to adopt Sophie!! I told her I was right in the middle of class so I would call her back. I called Rick and told him. He was on the way to have lunch with Simone at her pre-school...... Enough said....

I had my two fifth grade PE helpers, Rio and Alicia run down to get my friend Andrea L. to see if she could cover her class for me? She could and did not mind so I called my case worker back. Thanks Andrea!!

My case worker then he also gave me a number of a travel agent to call for ticket prices. I also called NW to find out their prices. We ended going with the travel agent....Tomorrow we will get our in country plan.

Then I asked my other friends Meghan and Arun if I could have them hold their PE time so I could purchase tickets and make plans. THEY DID and they are so good to me!!! Thanks girls.

It was fun at lunch when a bunch of my fourth graders came in to visit me while I was making plans.....Alexis T., Baylee(she gave Sophie a gift today, a blue bear), Katelyn, and Nicole.

I then received a special gift from my friend I work with Diane B. and her daughter Rachel. It is a Wish Upon A Star medallion. It came with this poem and it is so fitting for today:

My Child - I can't always be there to help see you through, So I'm wishing for an angel to watch over you!

I also got to make a quick call to my sub and my teaching partner was in for a meeting so that worked out well....So much to do.

Becca and Kimi were able to help me this evening do some more shopping. We purchased a light stroller to take with us....While doing our shopping we ran into a Restaurant in a parking lot of Babies R Us.......Guess what the name was??

Wei Wei

It does not get any better than that!!!!!!!!


Amber said...

Hurray!!!!!! Hurray!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!!! YEAH!!! What a great summer you'll have!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!

Kendra Horvath said...

I am so exited for you to get Sophie! You will have another little Houston! I can't wait for you to be back and have her to your self and get to play with her and notice her personality.(which I know will be sweet!)- Kendra Horvath

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Rick and Simone:
I am reading and watching your blog and my prayers and happy thoughts are sent your way! We are all waiting on pins and needles for the news that Sophie is safely in your arms! I am just on cloud 9 right along with you! What a fantastic start to my day to read the updates, watch the videos of Simone and be able to witness the growth of your beautiful family! God bless you all to China and back.
We LOVE you!
Susie Huckvale