Friday, August 29, 2008

Pre Opperation Appointment Today

We met with Sophie Wei's surgeon today and it went very well.

He told us the surgery will last about three to four hours and she will be in the hospital for two to three days. Because of her spinal epidural it will take more time, this will help control her pain.

He said that she needs to be picked up and brought every where like a princess that she is :O) We laughed and said we already do. He does not want her crawling or standing although she will not be able to stand in her cast anyways.

He told us of some things that will happen after words that can be a little scary like her right thigh swelling, etc. He said it is better to know about these things a head of time.

He told us that a wagon or umbrella stroller works well for moving her around during the day. We have an umbrella stroller and the Watson's have loaned us their wagon.

I have found some good advice on another persons blog....Wish I could remember where??? Anyways they said that they put pre-wrap on their child's doll so they could see what would be happening to them.. What a great idea to role play!

He said that the most hardware she will have is a plate on her femur and that would have to be taken out a year later. No pins. They are still going to wait and make that decision if they are going to cut her femur to repair her pelvis during the surgery. If it looks like there might be a chance that it can repair itself after having the hip put back into place then they will wait and watch her closely. If they do wait to fix her pelvis and it does not grow back then she will for sure have to have the femur cut to fix the pelvis when she turns five.

He said some parents are better at keeping the cast area clean than others. He said I could use duct tape to help around the potty area.

After her cast is taken off she will not be able to walk for three to four weeks. He also said that she will have a limp for about six months.

There will be another surgeon assisting him, it is his partner. There will also be an intern there watching but will not be doing any of the work.

We will be at Dornbeckers Childrens Hospital.

We will be going back often for check ups and after the spica cast is off we will see him every few months.

I am not sleeping at all. I am trying not to worry but I can't stop. We are trying to keep her legs and knees free of ouches and keep her healthy and happy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dennis Brown Bar Brace for Club Feet

Here are some photos of Sophie Wei in her Dennis Brown Bar Brace. She will be wearing this brace at night time for two to four more years. This continues her therapy for her club feet.

Sophie Wei is doing pretty good with wearing it at night. She happily puts them on and moves around while we ready stories before bed. We can hear her bar hitting the crib through out the night but as of now it does not seem to make her fuss that much any more, only when she is not feeling well or very tiered.

Selfishly it is hard to snuggle with he while it is on but we have figured out how to do it side ways and the bar hurts my legs while she is moving around BUT we will do any thing to make sure she is receiving the care she needs to help her feet........
Since Sophie Wei wore this for so many hours (5pm until she awoke in the moring) while living in Chengdu, she is an old pro.

I bet she will be able to snow board :O)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sophie Wei's Baby Shower

Here Rick, Simone and I at Sophie Wei's baby shower. (This shower was on Wed. May 28th, 2008. Due to how fast every thing went I was not able to post these photos or write about it until now or finish my way over due thank you notes until now...... This post is long over due, I just wanted to take the time to write down our memories from this day.)

Today was such a sad day and a great day. The reason why it was so sad was because we were told that our Adoption for Sophie Wei was on hold. It was pretty ruff to swallow because we were just getting ready to purchase our tickets and were only waiting for our Travel Approval to come in which should be here any day.

Actually today I felt like, was this adoption ever going to happen?!!?

Today was a great day because we were able to be with our friends and celebrate Sophie Wei! Our friends have been a big part of our journey, supporting us and always asking us how things have been going.

We are so thankful to have such great friends.

Today I had Sue, Jeni and Jessica C. asking me if I was sure we still wanted to have the shower today since we were put on hold and were pretty sad about it. They all went to great efforts to come check on me even though I was away all morning on a field trip with my fifth grade PE classes for their fifth grade all district track meet. Both Rick and I felt that we wanted it to continue so we could just be with friends as we felt that is what we really needed....In our heart of hearts we also felt like we wanted to celebrate Sophie Wei's upcoming adoption too and believe that the adoption would still take place.

Here are my friends that hosted the shower for us. From Left: Jessica C., Alona (and Alan who is not photoed), Me and Sue. The girls organized it. Also Alona and Alan opened up their beautiful home for us to have the shower there. Many other teacher friends that brought yummy food and desserts. Our friend Janet made our FAVORITE desserts which I thought was a very sweet idea.
My friend Kris.

Rick messing around with Simone. Simone choose to wear her orange pumpkin outfit to preschool today.
Here are the yummy desserts that Janet made for us all. One of my favorites is Cheescake and Chocolate. Rick also likes Chocolate and Cheesecake but his favorite is pinapple and coconut which Janet also made and there is a picture below of that one. Janet is an amazing baker and cook!!!

My friends Sherry and Jessica worked on these very cool favors. My flash was too bright so you can not see the monogram on the cute tag but it was SO ADORABLE and the chocolates are one of my favorites!!

Rick and Alan talking below.
Sherry holding baby Kingsley and Rachel.

Janet below snuggling with Simone.
Below from left: Kristi, Jeni, Cil and Janet snuggling Kingsley.Above from left: Rick, Sherry and Jean who is a teacher friend and Mom of two of my adorable students, Cameron and Katie.
Below: Opening many thoughtful gifts for Sophie Wei. Simone is into reading cards now.

Jill with her new baby boy Cody!!
Jessica P. and Mandy Above.From left above: Julie DV, Andrea L., Alan, and Julie M.

Above left: Susie, Kris, Jessica P and Mandy.

Below left: Jessica C., Lori, Alona, Arun, Jan. Jill and Cody on the couch.
Meaghan and Pat.
Simone is playing with the bottle piggy bank. Our friends at Prune Hill donated money to help Sophie Wei's orphanage. So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claire's Son Keegan.

Checking on what is going on in the kitchen.

Rick, Mike and Alan.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ally's 4th BIRTHDAY

We had a good time celebrating Ally's 4th Birthday at her Party at Chucky Cheeses. It was Sophie Wei's first time there and Simone talked it up all the way there.

Ally, Simone and Sophie Wei dancing away!
Simone and Ally giving each other hugs for the photo.

Thanks to Lisa for sharing these photos with me since I did not have my camera.