Sunday, May 18, 2008

Package for Sophie

On Friday, May 16th, 2008 we mailed Sophie another package.

Small Tiny Cabage Patch Doll
M & M's Candy for Sophie
Two Disposable Cameras
Andes Mints for the Ayi's
One family photo (I added Sophie's photo in with ours and put the words family on it.)
Short note saying, "We love you very much and can't wait to bring you home! Love Daddy, Mommy and Big Sister."
Price of mailing a 1 pound package $45.00 via United States Post Office.
Seeing Sophie opening the package and having photos of her family and friends at the orphanage. PRICELESS

Once again we struggle to mail Sophie another package. Especially after the earthquakes when they are short on diapers, formula, milk, blankets and now in need of Tents. We wish we could just rent an airplane and fill it up with every thing they need. I almost feel bad mailing her these things as I am sure the Ayi's are so busy right now but I feel that if I don't do it for Sophie I would regret it later.

I wanted to say thank you to Jessica (Simone's teacher at the Chinese Library, when we go during vacation) for translating the sentences and short note.

I keep telling my self that God is watching over her and I pray for Sophies safety and all of the people that are in the Sichuan area.

(Simone dressed up as a Mermaid today at Preschool. She informed me that the beauty mark was "not a beauty mark, it is a Princess Mermaid Mark." Some of the boys got "pirate mustaches." That is why she has so much make up on. We appreciate her teachers so much because they are always doing extra things like this for the children! What a blessing that Sophie will get to one day go to school here too!)

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