Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Today we went down to the Portland INS/Immigration office to renew our I600 Petition. It is so amazing how high tech every thing is with the fingerprinting. Right after I got mine finished they viewed them and redid one of my series. Simone slept through the whole thing. Some people could understand English slightly some none at all.

As Rick and I sat in the waiting room I soon noticed that we are the only US Citizens. I see people from many different countries with hope, freedom and promise filled in their eyes. As they attentively study their United States study manual I stare at our little Simone. I was remembering the day we sat at the US Consulate in China along with other families adopting from China. The day that she was sworn in as a US Citizen at only 12 months old. Today reminded me of that day because I found myself thinking of the same things that I thought two and a half years ago, I thought about what it is to be an American: Freedom, Fresh safe drinking water, Opportunity, Education, Freedom of Speech, Religion, Choice, FAMILY.....The list goes on and on.

How blessed are we to be waiting for our little Sophie. I just know she is going to be such a sweet little girl.

Today I am feeling like I can do any amount of paperwork, gather any legal documents, apostle or notarize any document just so I can hold my little Sophie in my arms. I will do any thing. Three weeks ago I had enough when I was so overwhelmed trying to set this appointment up....AGAIN! Trying to rush so we could get this I600 paper work in time before it expired! I was feeling overwhelmed.......Today I am feeling lucky, lucky to be one step closer to our daughter Sophie. I also wonder will this be the last time in this office or will the wait continue to lengthen and will we have to come back a third time?

Today I thought to my self, it took us 4 years and 9 months to be blessed with beloved Simone, 23 months so far for Sophie, just remember things happen for a reason. At times I wonder why so LONG?!? Why us?? Still struggling to let go and remember God is in control. Some days it is easy, some days hard. I find comfort with people who have gone through this, especially my bud Windy.

As soon as I see Sophie's little face, see her referral photo, the day I hold her in my arms I will be blessed and know it was all worth it!

We can't wait SOPHIE and your Big Sister Simone said that you can sleep on the bottom bed and she will sleep on the top (Simone is referring to her little dolly canopy bed. )

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