Sunday, January 20, 2008

On Sunday morning as we all just relax in bed Simone says to me, "Mommy I wish my sister would come home!" I almost started

crying!! I said, "I know.....we just have to be patient."
She said, "and wait for God."
After she said that I had to just cherish the moment
and ask Rick if he heard what she had just said????
We are not the only ones waiting for our daughter, we have a big sister who is so excited for her little sister to arrive.
I thought this photo was fitting for this post.....Simone with her pouty lips. This photo was taken on November 12th, 2007.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Frustration as we find out today that the CCAA, China , matched only 5 days worth of families. You can click on this link below to view their web site.
Per the China Adopt Talk she thinks that there were not even very many families LID during that time. You can link to her web site from this paragraph.
What does this mean for us??? Well I think it has taken them three or four months to get to December 19th and they still have a few more days in December to get through. Say they take two more months to clear December 2005......That would leave January 2006, February 2006, March 2006, April 2006 and then MAY 2006 before they get to us. If you take five months until us times 5 months it takes to get through one month of LID's that would mean that we would not get our referral for Sophie for another 25 months!!!!! That would be January of 2010, that can be true???!!!???? I hope they start moving a little bit faster. I JUST KNOW IN my heart that there are still babies in China that need a home. I just wish SOMEBODY would BE HONEST and tell me what the HECK IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know China has the write to do what ever they want. JUST COMMUNICATE to us why the slow, slow, slow down.

Deep breath, deep breath and LOTS OF PRAYERS FOR US and SOPHIE!
This photo of Simone was taken by our good friend Kimi, AKA the Bride during the first month of October, 2007.