Wednesday, May 30, 2007

As of today we have been LID for one year. That has gone faster than I thought. We pray for our next blessing to arrive soon!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some good news. It looks like we will get one free extension for our I-600A!! We were planning having to pay extra tbis summer to update our home study and I-600A paper work but it looks like we might not have too!! Is it true or too good to be true???

For those of you that do not know what I am talking about the I-600A is for Immigration to adopt and bring your child home through INS/FBI. Along with updating that you also need an updated home study from your social worker. We did not have to deal with this issue because with Simone we only went 6 months. Tomorrow it will be one year since LID but longer since we did our first I-600A form.

The following words below are from the China Adopt Talk Web Site that I follow. I am posting this so those of you that do not read that web site can find out about this information and check it out. You will have to go to her web site for the links.....(A link to her web site:

Please read below:

"USCIS Announcement 29th, 2007 The USCIS website is stating they are going to allow “one free extension of your I-600A by filing a new I-600A without fee before the first expires.”
I guess that softens the fact that fees go up as of July 30th.
You can download a PDF showing everything here.
I’m guessing I won’t get a refund from them for my second I-171H, but this is great news for everyone about to have to renew."